Next Meeting 7-15 for 7-30pm Tuesday 6th December 2022.
In Training Room, Withdean Stadium adjacent the Sportsman Public House


  1. Welcome, Apologies.

     2.  Approval of Previous Minutes dated 25th October 2022 – Distributed.  

(See Web site  WWW.wwlat/ ).

     3. Matters Arising Previous Minutes

     4. Crime Report – distributed 

     5.  Agenda Items (Agenda items must be forwarded to me 7 days before the meeting if they are to be addressed in the meeting            except under AOB when a reply need not be given).

i.   Ward Councillors Report.                         Councillors        

ii.  Westdene School Traffic Order                 Secretary

iii.  Accounts                                                 Treasurer

iv. Ward Boundaries                                      Chair, Secretary, Councillors

6.  Chair’s Report

  1. LAT Chair’s Forum with BCC
  2. Bankside Broad Band Mast proposal

7.   Any Other Business

8.   Future Meetings on Tuesdays: 7-15 pm for 7-30pm in Training Suite, Sportsman Pub Car Park.     

      AGM 17th January 2023 Postponed till results of Ward Boundaries Commision in 2023 

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Westdene and Withdean Local Action Team (LAT) 


3rd Issue is here and being delivered

This is the 3rd issue of the Withdean and Patcham newsletter to identify and help the aged,lonely and vulnerable in our community.  Known as the ‘Hidden Citizens) the only way we felt we could reach them was by delivering a contact list to each house to allow them to contact the right people to help them in their need.

The article on the front page of this issue features a young lady named Doreen who said, “The Withdean and Patcham Newsletter saved my life”.  This is why we started this project to help those in need.  You can help simply by attending the LAT meetings once every 3 or 4 months and telling us what worries you in the community.  The time table in listed on this web site.  Come along and meet other local residents and talk about what we should be doing to enhance the area.


The distribution of our newsletter relies on the assistance from local residents and organisations and we would like to record our appreciation here today. More than 10,000 newsletters were distributed with the 1st Issue and now we are printing the 2nd issue which will be ready for delivery in August.

The 2nd issue concentrates on warning residents of the SCAMS that are taking place and how to avoid being caught and hoodwinked by them. We also provide helpful advice from the Fire Service and the local Clergy provide  details of their forthcoming events.

Recently, we advertised the need for volunteers to help deliver the newsletter to find people in need and again more names came forward volunteering to help. We asked if you can simply deliver to your road and this way we know every household gets a delivery.  perhaps, more importantly this gives you the opportunity to learn who your neighbours are and whether they need help.

This message is written to acknowledge the terrific help given by residents and the East Sussex Fire Service volunteers, and the Young Offenders team who worked so hard last time to deliver all the newsletters.  The result of their hard work achieved great things where people who are lonely, unhealthy or vulnerable were able to seek help from the multitude of groups waiting to assist.

These residents and groups have offered to help deliver the 2nd newsletter and the most we can say to you all is ‘Thank you so much

Michael Whitty


1st Newsletter issued by the Withdean & Patcham Network

The WPN designed and printed 10,000 newsletters which contained articles from the Police, Fire Service and the Clergy.  These newsletters were delivered to each home in Withdean, Westdene, Patcham and Hollingbury on a one year pilot study on a quarterly basis.

The distribution was carried out by the Chairman of Withdean and Westdene Local Action team and the Chair of the Patcham local Action team along with massive support from the East Sussex Fire service volunteers and the Young Offenders Team.  We would like to express our sincere thanks to each of these organisations for their invaluable help.

We have started to research and produce copy for the next issue which we will discuss at our next meeting. Each newsletter contains help lines for residents in need to contact the appropriate body to provide the assistance they need.

The intention of this campaign is to identify people who are lonely, isolated, vulnerable and need assistance or befriending. If you know someone in need please contact us and tell us so that an offer of help may be provided. Contact details are included on this web site.

Thank you.

Joint Community Meeting

On 26th September 2016, the Westdene and Withdean Local Action Team (WWLAT) along with the Patcham Community Action Team(PCAT) jointly hosted a public meeting at the All Saints Church, Patcham. Our thanks are recorded to Andy Flowerday(Pastor) for permitting us to use the wonderful historic 12th Century building.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the audience to receive advice on current police policy and crime statistics, fire safety in the home, church activities and a presentation from the WWLAT and PCAT on a new initiative to identify and help people in need.

Commencing 1st December 2016, a quarterly newsletter will be issued with the intention of creating links in the community with the huge number of groups and organisations who provide services to care for the needs of vulnerable people.
Clearly, the meeting identified the difficulty of knowing who is behind the closed door suffering or struggling with problems of loneliness, ill health, poverty, abuse or harassment.

The strategy of the WWLAT and PCAT is to set in motion a system to communicate to the community the need for community observance and vigilance in identifying people in need and informing the appropriate contacts so that help is provided.

The most important players in this venture must be the residents in each Ward and future newsletters will cement home this crucial factor that will help to improve community health and well being.



On Sunday 25th September there will be a BBQ and food stalls on the green with local produce, bouncy castle and kids’ activities including face painting, fancy dress competition and ‘Hook a Duck’.

There will also be a Table Top Sale of sweets, cakes, jewellery and gifts.

Please support this event to raise funds for the use of the village barn for the local community.

Arranged and organised by Friends of Westdene Green – All Volunteers.


Westdene and Withdean Local Action team (LAT) joined with Patcham LAT have organised a campaign to help the aged, lonely and abused throughout our Wards over the Christmas period and beyond.  We are holding our inaugural meeting on 26th September commencing at 7-30pm.

It is our intention to identify people in our community who are lonely, unable to get out and about, need befriending, need safety advice from the fire service or the police. People who are suffering or struggling due to poverty or lack of care or ill health.

We have food parcels and Christmas hampers to deliver and ensure these people know they are not alone and help is available.

Please support us and come to the meeting, listen to what we have to say and maybe volunteer to help or simply tell us of someone you believe needs help or advice. It is all free and we have the links available to us to help.