It has been established by medical research that loneliness and social isolation are a causal link to ill health and death.  The concerns are so great that this has become a national priority and local authorities working with local residents, voluntary  and charitable groups nowadays try to address the problem.

The concept of local action teams (LATs) in the community represented by the community was initiated by the local authority some 8 years ago. At the time the intention was that local residents would know the needs of their community and the main concerns were road safety and crime. However, over time this concept has changed and nowadays the LATs across the City address matters of crime, road safety, planning issues, and general improvements and enhancements to the area as a whole.

The meetings are attended by local residents, the police and local councillors which ensures the concerns of residents are made known and addressed direct to the people who can carry them forward to the responsible authorities.

Recently, with help from Council Officers, two of our LATs, Withdean and Patcham, have joined up to address the matter of aged, lonely and vulnerable members of our community who are in need of help. Assisted with a grant of £3,000 the Withdean & Patcham Network (WPN) was formed to address this issue across Withdean, Westdene, Patcham and Hollingbury.   The intention is to issue a newsletter throughout these areas which will identify the issue and list the various organisations that exist in the City ready to help where it is needed. Helped by the East Sussex Fire Service and their links,the newsletters will be distributed in the forthcoming months.

The newsletter may be read by clicking on the images below, or to download a copy (Pdf) click on  this link:  The Withdean and Patcham Network online version

There are available in the City many groups and organisations available to offer assistance to people suffering from dementia, loneliness, domestic abuse, scams, ill health, social isolation and so on. This scheme is intended to identify the people in need and, if wanted direct that help in the right direction.

Our vision is that this pilot scheme will operate for one year with the intention that we spread across the City via the LATs which are located in each Ward of the City of Brighton and Hove.

If you know of a friend, neighbour or a family member who needs help or guidance in this way, please let us know. Both the Withdean and the Patcham LAT/CAT maintain  web sites which are Withdean, wwlat.wordpress.com   and Patcham patchamlat.wordpress.com Telephone contact is:

Withdean Chairman Michael Whitty  on 07710521214

Patcham  Community Centre 07528 472231

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